Friday 27 July 2007

JNI on Mac OS X

JNI (Java Native Interface) is a way to use native (read "C") functions in your Java program. You can read more details about this approach at Sun Java Web Site.

A particular problem I was struggling with is how the libraries are loaded when running on Mac OS X. The standard naming convention for using the dynamic libraries in Mac OS X is to use "lib" prefix, and ".dylib" as the suffix. Java Virtual Machine, however, does not follow this convention when trying to load a library, and requires you to use ".jnilib" suffix (and "lib" prefix) instead.

The typical loadLibrary call:
will search for libmine.jnilib in your java.library.path; and if you have named your library libmine.dylib, it will produce you an UnsatisfiedLinkError exception.

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Matthew said...

My dear friend, this advice is still gold 15 years after you wrote it!!!