Wednesday, 21 November 2007

The last hope for working with Exchange

Following on the topics of using iCal with the Exchange server. AppleInsider published a very interesting comparison of iCal and to the coming Entourage 2008.

The AppleInsider Article left me very upset, as it is evident that there will be no improvement to synchronisation with iCal. Hopefully Office will become much faster, as it will be compiled as a universal binary...

The only remaining hope is for Snerdware's GroupCal. Guys from AppleInsider got it wrong, as GroupCal is not yet working with Leopard. We have to wait a little, and hope that the developers from Snerdware solve their problems and release a new version soon.

Forget my complaints about the price. I will buy the new GroupCal on the first day it is released.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe there is nothing out there to do what we are looking for. I have a Windows Mobile phone and want to have over-the-air sync with my Mac and the only way to do that is an Exchange server in the middle. There is already an AddressBook sync ability built in - now I need to get iCal working.

Snerdware is just pissing me off with their delay. There is no damn reason it should take this long to release a product. I don't buy their excuse about being "bitten" in the past.

Hey, Snerdware! You are a business. You charge a ton for your product and should be working with development previews to get ahead of the game. If you have to change some code after the gold-master DEAL WITH IT.

Anonymous said...

Any updates on your quest to get iCal to talk to Exchange? I've tried to contact Snerdware to see if they were even still in business.... no response.

Vlad said...

No, no news so far. I am checking the status of groupcal every once in a while, but I guess we just have to wait.

Norma said...

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